Custom Jewelry Designer NYC

Custom Jewelry Designer NYC: If you’re a discerning buyer who needs
a piece that is truly one of 
a kind, you’ve come to the right place.

Diamonds and precious gemstones are at the core center of her jewelry,
she has been working with diamond and gemstones dealers since the
beginning of her career and those long lasting relationships secure
the best stones and colors available in the market.

Be it an engagement ring, wedding band, or simply a gift to last a lifetime,
custom made pieces are Christine Huber’s forte.

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    Best Custom Jewelry Designer NYC: Set Sail with the NEW Voyage Collection

    Rings of deep lapis blue, compass images, and star patterns that twinkle with diamonds.

    These are the celestial motifs that take you on a exploration of the sea and sky through the lens of Christine Huber’s new Voyage inspired collection.

    Her details are those of a jeweler who has honed her skills and her vision and who believes in hard work, timing, and perfecting her craft.